Mini Militia Old Version 4.3.5 Download Free

  • Name
  • Mini Militia Old Version
  • Version
  • Latest 4.3.5
  • Size
  • 43.75 MB
  • Category
  • Action
  • Developers
  • Appsomniacs
  • Downloaded
  • 10,000+
  • Requires
  • Android 4.4 and up
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What is Mini Militia Old Version

Appsomniacs developed the most popular and hit arcade game globally, “Mini Militia” APK. There are also some old versions of Mini Miltia available. It’s a 2D survivor shooting, and multiplayer game initially made only for iOS but later developed for Android users in high demand. Now it can be played on Android, iOS, and windows, as different versions are available.

Mini militia Old Version APK  is one of the most popular multiplayer modified video games. This game is considered a good platform to enjoy gaming zone with friends by choosing different characters and a team of 6 players for each combat and opponents in total, 12 players can play, using multiple weapons with amazing 2D graphics design that looks awesome on the screen. It is a fighting arcade game in which one has to target the enemy. The multiple characters available in this game are called Doodles.

Mini Militia Old version Apk Image
Mini Militia Old version

Modified Features of Mini Militia Old Version

The game is set in a world of wars where you will command your army. You can customize the characters, weapons, and other features to make your army the best in the game. Let us discuss some basic features of the mini militia old version game given below.

Multiple Characters/Doodles

The number of characters available in the game excites the user. All characters are called doodles. This game is based on fighting with enemies and targeting them. A user can choose the doodle as such options are available. Mini militia’s best avatars are unique skins for your character that you can choose before starting the game. They come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your style.

Best Mini Militia Avatars

Mini Militia has many unique avatars to which players can customize their characters. There’s a lot of stuff to do in this game, like collecting coins, getting skins, and ranking up. By customizing your character, it will be easy to defeat your enemy. A list of the following characters is available to download from this modified game version without spending any virtual currency.

  • The Space Ninja
  • The Evil King
  • The Zombie Hunter
  • The Space Traveler
  • Beauty Queen
  • The Knight Rider
  • The Rapper Girl
  • The Superhero Girl
  • The Footballer Boy
  • The Shark
  • The Ice Princess Girl
  • The Boxer
  • Vampire Knight (female)
  • Zombie Girl
  • The Ghoul

HD Graphics

The 2D graphic design is used for this game. Mini Militia Apk is designed for action game lovers and is best for android, iOS, and Windows users. Gamers get to experience the thrill of combat in a pixelated world. This game is marketed as a first-person shooter with a twist, better graphics, and an engaging interface. Also, check Mini militia mod by sahad ikr

Multiple Maps

In Mini Militia, many Maps of different locations are available. Users can choose the best location to fight with the opponent team.

List of Maps in Mini Militia 

  1. Pyramid
  2. Snowblind
  3. Hightower
  4. No Escape
  5. Bottleneck
  6. So long
  7. Lunarcy
  8. Suspension
  9. Crossfire
  10. Icebox
  11. Outpost
  12. Catacombs
  13. Subdivision
  14. Undermine
  15. Cliff hanger
  16. Overseer

Unlimited Weapons

Mili Militia old version is one of the most exciting games on this website. This game is full of action and adventure. In this game, you have many weapons to choose from. And the best part is that you can purchase these weapons in the game using the points you earn by killing the enemies. And downloading this game from the above button will load unlimited weapons and points.

Furthermore, you need not wait to upgrade your game level. The types of weapons available in this game offer many options that create immense love for the team-play game. These weapons are  as follows: 

  • EMP
  • UZI
  • Desert Eagle
  • M14
  • AR-15
  • AK47
  • MP5
  • Pump-Action Shotgun
  • SMAW (Rocket Launcher)
  • GAS

The gameplay of Mini Militia Old Version APK

The mini militia is a game of shooting with various weapons. It is one of the most popular mobile games like pubg. It is also a multiplayer game in which a team of six players fights with each other. The game is available both for android and ios platforms.

Learn how to play Mini Militia on pc

The game provides various weapons to the player. The player can choose the weapon according to the situation. If a player is a beginner, he can choose a simple and easy weapon. But if the player is a professional, he can use a high-level weapon. The game is so popular that it has been downloaded over 500 million times. It is rated as the highest-rated game on the play store. mini militia old version 2017 and many old years versions are available at this website

Final Words

People who play this game are called Milimiltians. The game has been upgraded several times; since 2011, its demand is still high worldwide. Mili Militia, Doodle Army 2 is considered the most played game in every age group, mostly teenagers. Players compete with their higher killing rates per minute, creating many hacks to win the game. So start Mini militia old version apk download now

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